Our History

Ours is a historic place certified by Italian law. In 1740, at Rialto in the heart of Venice, a certain Pietro de Pieri opened a tavern where the clients, exclusively fishermen, could enjoy a specialty: mussel soup.

Pretty soon, this tavern became famous, and the fishermen themselves baptised it “Peoceto,” which in Venetian dialect means muscle, or mussel.

The specialty attracted clients from all walks of life, and little by little the old tavern was transformed into a hangout for gourmets, frequented by the town’s noblemen and aristocrats.

Around the middle of the 18th century, the place was closed by order of the Doge, who was teased during a meal at Peoceto.

When he died, the restaurant was reopened to cries of “Peoceto has reopened!” and since that day, Peoceto Risorto [Arisen]” has been the place for tourists, coming from all over the world, to go to when visiting Venice.